Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do you turn on the lights at night?

This is what I like to know if you turn on the lights at night at your home. I see that neighbour here most of them off the lights and it is completely dark in the night. Do you think that is good? I think there is advantage of it as you are saving the light and you also less exposure of your place to strangers. Crimes are getting heavy as I check email and read of many cases near my area.

I read one that the man goes out in the morning only home in the night. His area has many people jogging and passing by his house. But one day that day nobody notice that a car parking outside his home are robbers. They break in his house and next door thinking it was their relatives that came to visit.

You need to beware of your surroundings, I always watch out if any stranger in car nearby my place. Even motorists like to pass by the area several times.

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