Sunday, April 18, 2010

It happen again

Kids are supposed to have fun and learning at Kindergarten. The last Friday trip turn out bad for Sean, he keeps quiet of it and this morning he keeps telling us that he does not want to go playground, or see the teacher. He cried so hard and we know something is not right.

As you know kids do wonder around and see here and there with their eyes. I guess the teacher lost her patience and scolded him. Sean is sensitive and he does not like to be yelled or scold. This morning after hubby went to work, Jen and I took Sean to Kindergarten. The teacher has to talk to him, I mean there is misunderstanding, they need to explain that they just want he to be safe because he is looking there and here it is dangerous as he not look where he walks.

Anyway we will know by tomorrow morning if Sean is alright to go Kindergarten.

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