Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby no cry at Dentist

Sean did a great job at the dentist, everyone was worry if he can take it. He can! Dentist explains to us and even to Sean. She first tells Sean what she is going to do by testing it out on his hand.

There is drilling sound, yeah hubby and me were there. Hubby cannot see his face directly so he asked me to stand opposite of Sean so I can see what's his expression.

Hubby is so proud of Sean, he treated Sean to have a slice of cake at Secret Recipe. There is no pain at the clinic but right after the meal. Sean is complaining about the pain! Opps what happen? I think Sean is not supposed to have anything cold or sugary after the filling. Sean has three filing and dentist told us there are two more but will do that next time.

Dentist given Sean a tooth paste, when we reached home Sean immediately brushed his teeth.

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