Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Travel blogger to Tourism Pahang

There is a few tourism trip this year, it's quite exciting as many places. It's time to go Resorts World Genting this weekend, but it's not going to be as I need to fetch son to tuition. Who needs a break from job and also other duties like mommy duties? Many of her friends has go for tourism trip but not her as it takes a few days to go. There's duty for her to fetch kids which will clashed the time.

Talking about tuition, he is almost finished his tuition BM, 6.30pm. It's 5km away from home, it depends on the traffic jam to go there. Sometimes I waited in the car for 20minutes though I reach on time or before that. My wife sometimes waited 30minutes in car. He is not having tuition on Monday and Tuesday so it's good news as sometimes his mom can go for travel or events.

Everyone needs a break and it depend so how you spend it. How would you spend it if you have time off? My passport, my wife passport and my son's passport all have expired. Our last trip using the passport was to Singapore, cannot believe that it's been five years. She was then pregnant few months.

Do you think travel for vacation where is cheaper? In Malaysia or overseas?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Son sxhool trip to Melaka

Last Saturday my son has followed his school Melaka. There are 4 buses from school to go visit and he told me his bus is no.4 but actually is no.2. Each bus has three school teachers and a tour guide in the bus. It is almost two hours journey to go from subang jaya to there.

He took RM60 to go and came home with some snacks he bought and souvenirs for his mom and little brother. Good thing he got them remembered as his brother been asking for him since morning.

Sean bought a fan for his mom. A lego toy for his little brother and a swag cap for himself.
The bus reached school 7pm and his bus was the first to arrive.