Friday, April 8, 2016

Ayam Brand™ Introduces Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce, A Local Favorite Now Made More Convenient

Now your local favourite, cuttlefish, is made more convenient and accessible with Ayam Brand™ Big Cuttlefish Chunks Seasoned in Soya Sauce 
Whats cooking? How about shopping some canned food? Ayam Brand™, a household name in Malaysia has once again made a local favorite more convenient and accessible with the introduction of Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce and Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili.

Curry Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish
 Traditionally, cuttlefish in soya sauce has been a favorite among families and singles looking for a quick, nutritious dish that is satisfyingly savory. Eaten with steaming hot rice, and some fresh, sliced cucumber it is considered a meal in itself.

Ayam Brand™ selects premium cuttlefish that have achieved large size to obtain big cuttlefish chunks. These chunks are then seasoned in soya sauce and quickly cooked to seal in flavor, freshness and nutritional benefits. Those who prefer it spicy can opt for the variant with added chili.
Spice up your tastebuds with Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chilli

Nutritional benefits1
Cuttlefish are widely known for its high amount of lean protein. Each 100g serving of cuttlefish provides 16g of protein. Being low in fat, this makes cuttlefish a great choice of lean protein compared to other animal sources such as chicken or beef. Proteins play an important part in the diet, providing the building blocks to build and repair bodily tissues.

Cuttlefish are also significantly high in Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and B12 along with other B vitamins also known as B-complex. They act as a ‘jump starter’ that helps metabolize/convert foods (carbohydrates, protein and fats) to produce energy in the body. They also play an important role in the nervous system, maintaining the structure that protects the nerve fibers and promote normal growth.

Apart from these, cuttlefish can be a tremendous source of Selenium – a type of Antioxidant. Selenium is one of the potent antioxidants that fight against the unstable free radicals causing damage to cells. Its ‘rust proofing’ property neutralizes the free radicals that cause damage to the membrane and DNA of healthy cells associated to risks of cancer, heart disease, inflammatory disease and premature ageing.

Iron plays an important role in carrying oxygen-rich blood to every cell in the body vital to sustaining life’s processes. The type of iron present in cuttlefish, known as heme iron is more easily absorbed than that of non-heme iron found in plant-derived foods.

Open up a can of nutritional benefits for yourself and your loved ones when you share a meal of Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce or Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili. It tastes great from the can, or jazz it up with onions, cili padi or other vegetables.

Serving suggestions
Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce or Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili is perfect no matter the level of your cooking skill and goes amazingly well with diverse cuisine. For a traditional taste, consider Rendang Ayam Brand™

Cuttlefish, Sambal Tumis Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish and Curry Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish, which are suitable for any occasions.

Pricing & availability:
Comes in two variants of Ayam Brand™ Big Cuttlefish Chunks Seasoned in Soya Sauce and Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili, in two sizes; 425g and 170g.

Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish In Soya Sauce and Ayam Brand™ Cuttlefish in Soya Sauce with Chili are available at major hypermarkets and supermarkets. The recommended selling price is RM11.66 (425g) and RM6.15 (170g).