Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hokkien drama@Channel 8

How are you doing? I have not update this blog for sometimes.

I am falling in love to watch the hokkien drama at Channel 8, the drama starts at 11.30am to 12.30 then 1pm to 2pm. It is Taiwan hokkien drama about love, money, parenting, relationship, and more.

I also watch the Hokkien drama that starts at 6pm to 7pm Monday to Friday. How about you? It is exciting and interestng watching the drama.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shopping for man

Being wife and mom are not easy task; there are so many things to do beside house chores. Now I am sure you know about shopping for man, check out the 2xist. How often do you shop for underwear for man? I am sure you know the size of your man wearing.

I found this website where you can find underwear and active wear for your man. With Internet access it is easy to shop for your man from your cozy home or office. Who does not like the calvin klein underwear? When comes to Fashion I am sure man also check the brand that they prefer.

Some men prefer the brand of under armour. They are many brands available at the website just take your time to browse them. Father's Day is coming up on June, I know it is still early but you can plan on what to shop for him. Besides underwear you can also find t-shirts, swimwear, sleepwear, and many more choices at the website. You can check out if free shipping available for you.

I don't know many website that offer shopping for man, but now you knows where to start if you are interested to shop for the man you love. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to shop for him, you can let him know the website and find out what's his favourite there.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For asthma?

Sean is sicked and doctor has given the following medicine for him, Ventolin Evoler and Flixotide Evohaler. We have no asthma in the family but doctor gives him these medicine because has has funny sound coming out of his nose. I check online and found out one of the medicine cost about $55. To use them he needs to use the AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu for access. No wonder the medicine so costly.

It looks like he cannot take any cold drink for sometimes, he needs to see doctor again. The next visit will be the day the kindergarten having a field trip but he is not going.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Looking for perfumes

Who does not like shopping? I know when comes to woman we have so much to shop and look into. Not just Fashion clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelries but we also look into perfumes that give scent that we like. Talking about perfumes check out the Drakkar noir, it is my first time to know there is this perfume. I am sure people that love perfumes will know there is wide range of perfumes available.

I know some friends that like perfumes collection, everyone has different interest in collection. My Sean likes collection of Toys such as Ben 10. Talking about perfumes have you checked out the Acqua diGgio perfume? I have perfumes which purchase by hubby, it was Calvin Klein perfumes. It was his first present for me before we were dating. He also likes perfumes and he put on the perfume before going to work. I am sure everyone like the good smell of perfume at work.

This website is where you can find sale of perfumes. Perfumes can be used at many occasion, I notice some ladies put on perfume while shopping for groceries and vegetables at the morning market. Let your friends know where to find the Levata Perfumes Importados.

Ladies when you are shopping do you check out the perfumes department. I know some friends too busy to go shopping so they choose to shop online because they can shop from their office and their home. I know it is hard to find parking at the shopping mall, then when you finally decided to purchase you need to wait at the queue for payment. I dislike long queue and I prefer to shop online to save the time. I can imagine how many stops I need to do just to shop for things I love.

With Internet access today, you can shop from your home. I know some people shop for groceries online now. Now you can find suitable perfume that you prefer from this website. Mother's Day is not far away, I am thinking if I want to get my mom a perfume. She told me that she is going to finish her perfume soon. In fact perfume is not only for woman but for man too. I bet some man has perfumes collection.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Looking for alcohol treatment

I am sure you will find way to help your loved one if they are in trouble. This is related to health and there is hope for alcoholic. With Internet access today you can easily find the Affordable Alcohol Treatment. Alcoholics in the USA will find the website useful for alcohol treatment centers in the USA.

If you know anyone addicted to alcohol, you can tell them about the Alcohol Treatment Centers that available for them. You can read more about the difference of treatment and recovery from this website. I know someone was alcoholic in the past now he has happier and healthy life because he has support from his friends and family. Everyone deserves a second chance; don't just read here you can find out more info from this website.

Finding the suitable alcohol treatment clinic is not easy, that is why you can get start with Alcohol Treatment Clinics from this website. This is related to health and you can find the alcohol treatment from this website. Don't let the alcoholic suffer; let them know that you care for them. Now you know alcohol addicts can start a new life, you just need to know where to get start to help them.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fashion: Handbags, belts, jewelry and more

I have been checking out some website and here's one to share with you on wholesale handbags. I like the design of the handbags, belts, jewelry and accessories. They have the latest designer handbags, western belts, flip flops and rhinestone purses. I know they are many websites available you can get start with this website. Being woman you can choose many types of designer handbag, belts, flips flops and more.

With Internet access you can find wholesale western belts online, you can shop from your cosy home and office. I am looking at the new arrival at the website and I like the handbags and wallets the design is unique and not those that I see common here. If you are interested for wholesale handbag USA you know where to get start.

I have friends that love to shop for flip flops, they have many flip flops collection I am sure they can check this site for the wholesale flip flops. Women have many choices on fashion today from accessories to jewellery and more. From this website you get to see huge selection of variety fashion of handbag, belts, jewelry and accessories take your time to browse them. Don't just read here, you can click on the link above to see more.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

All balloon up

Yellow bangle and orange bangle that glow in the dark.

This is fun time for Sean and me; I also like to pull down the balloon from what you see in the picture. It was New Year Eve and we head to Empire Hotel at Subang Jaya. In the end of the day, Sean has many balloons to bring home. Other children do the same, they grab as many balloon as they can and tied them up.

Sean and I given pretty bangle to wear, it is glow in the dark! Too bad hubby's hand too big cannot fit in.